Youth - The Journey to Adulthood

The Journey to Adulthood is a youth ministry program of spiritual formation for junior and senior high students. It uses Bible study, prayer, rites of passage, outreach ministries and both serious and playful activities to underscore its core messages: 1) Manhood and Womanhood are free gifts from God and 2) Adulthood must be earned.

There are three segments to the program: Rite-13, 6-8th grades; J2A, 9-10th grades; YAC, 11-12th grades. Journey to Adulthood utilizes the whole congregation to help grow and form the youth in our church. Youth leaders, Sunday morning educators, faith friends and mentors from the congregations will give our youth a great base to learn from. Whatever season of your own adulthood you might be in there is something you have to offer and share with the youth in our community. All members of our church will benefit from stronger relationships within our church. J2A focuses on bringing this to light by helping form those relationships with the youth among us who are growing into the adult world. We look forward to the growth and development of our great kids with this great program.

Kids and parents; to start this great journey, contact Fr. Michael, for registration information.

Parishioners; Join our team, contact Fr. Michael,