Riches of Grace

St. Matthew's is reaching out to people who are affected by Mental Illness. We are starting two groups to walk along side those living with Mental Illness, and those who have family members living with Mental Illness.

Mental Illness is treatable, like any illness, and may be helped by being in touch with others who are going through similar things. In addition to walking alongside people, giving them understanding, kindness, smiles, love, and patience we will help them add some tools that will make a difference in our lives together. Mental Illness, like diabetes, can be treated but sometimes there is no cure. There is a way to learn to live well with this condition, and that is what we hope to achieve!

We are using a 16 week course written by Grace Alliance that guides us through each week with lessons, ideas, prayers and discussion topics all laid out for us to follow. Some of the topics for the different groups are Stigma, Communication, Medication, Grieving & Grace, Cycles & Triggers, Community, Problem Solving, Negative & Destructive Behaviors, Boundaries to Rebuild, Enabling vs. Empowering, Identity, Healthy Thinking, Rest / Relaxation and Joy,  Mindfulness, Staying Resilient.

For more information contact Fr. Michael Richardson. If you would like to be a Facilitator for either of these groups please fill out the Facilitator Request Form found in this section. We are not offering therapy, but friendship and the sure knowledge that God loves us and is with us. Anyone can recover, everyone has a part.  To join a group, please fill out the Riches of Grace Reservation Form.