Christmas Services


Christmas Eve

4:30pm Christmas Pageant and Holy Communion

Our children re-enact the story of the birth of Jesus for the Gospel and Sermon. We sing many Christmas carols and share Holy Communion as part of the service. Young people share Christmas music they have learned on instruments or singing about 20-30 minutes before the service begins. Nursery care is provided for infants and toddlers.

7:00pm Christmas Eucharist with Choir

We come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus with music, Scripture, Sermon, and Holy Communion.This a a beautiful service honoring Christ in our midst. The St. Matthew's Choir sings anthems and leads us in Christmas Carols 20 minutes before the service begins. 

10:30pm "Midnight Mass" with Choir and Incense

The traditional Midnight Mass of Christmas Eve, with incense for our prayers and music for our souls. The service is about the same as the 7:00pm service, but with incense. We begin singing Christmas Carols 20 minutes before the service begins.

Christmas Day

10:00am Christmas morning

This service is particularly for those folks who don't want to be out at night, but want to celebrate Christmas. Some people have been to Christmas Eve services and some just come to this. We sing and share Holy Communion, celebrating the birth of Christ.